About Me

I have come a long way in my career journey, which I started at a young age. I have held important positions in various initiatives. After working as a software developer for a long time, I quit this job and focused only on my own initiatives.

Finally, I gained important experience in leadership as the founder and chairman of the board of Sanvia Digital. This was neither the first nor the last. I'm happy to continue to improve myself every day.

Connected Companies

  • Vioken

    Financial Technologies

    A private company planned to provide modern financial solutions.


  • Les Mendes Suites


    Private suite houses where you can feel luxurious, comfortable and safe. A groundbreaking initiative in accommodation.


  • Mumbo Marinas

    Marina, Port

    A luxurious and comfortable port experience where you can spend time with your private boat or yacht, shop and dine at various restaurants.